This Week’s Rap Discovery: “Bricks” By David Olivo

This week, we discovered the very talented American rapper David Olivo, who recently dropped his latest creation on the airwaves, the track “Bricks”. 

Smooth and well-curated, “Bricks”’ soundtrack is everything you’d expect from a 2021 rap release, with a heavy bass and nice effects giving it a rap-trap fusion feel.  

In 2019, David Olivo released The Album, and “Bricks” marks his return to the genre with a song that showcases his fascination for the street life, one filled with drug deals and illegal transactions. While he himself has never been in that situation, he does a great job at imagining it via music, and anyone who wants to get immersed in the dark world of illegal substance business should give this song a listen. 

Beyond the topic addressed by Olivo in the track, what really matters is the accuracy, precision, and smoothness of his flow, displaying a form of rap that drives inspiration from the best the genre has seen and adds to it a singular touch of modernity. Brilliant stuff! 

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