"Tiger King" Has A New Episode Coming Soon

A new episode of “Tiger King” will focus on the Siegfried & Roy mauling incident.

One of the biggest documentaries of all time, Tiger King, is about to get another new episode.

Striking Netflix just in time for the quarantine, boredom-stricken Americans were given a new reason to wake up in the morning, binging all seven episodes of the docu-series in exciting fashion. We’ve all moved on to a new documentary, becoming fully enthralled by The Last Dance and the riveting story of ‘s career, but the producers behind Tiger King are planning to hook us all over again.

Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, the filmmaking duo behind the hit documentary, are reportedly working on a new project that will center around the Siegfried & Roy mauling incident. The two entertainers were best known for their variety show in Las Vegas, which ended in 2003 after Roy Horn was left partially paralyzed by a white tiger who mauled him.

"Tiger King" Has A New Episode Coming Soon
Ethan Miller/Getty Images — Siegfried Fischbacher (L) and Roy Horn attend the 19th annual Keep Memory Alive “Power of Love Gala” benefit 

The new project will center on the mauling and a singular follow-up episode to Tiger King will also air about it. We’ll see how the producers tie together both stories.

The timing of this announcement is remarkable, especially considering Roy Horn passed away this past week due to COVID-19 complications. It remains unknown if his partner, Siegfried Fischbacher, will appear in the new series.

"Tiger King" Has A New Episode Coming Soon
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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