Tinashe Confirms That She Almost Lost Her Joyride Track To Rihanna

After a wait to the tune of three years, singer Tinashe finally arrived with Joyridestudio album this week. Naturally, a number of issues presented themselves in the delays that kept fans from hearing Tinashe’s third outing, and in a recent talk with Billboard, the RCA signee opened up about those challenges.

Interestingly enough, she revealed one of the first hitches in the plan as having stemmed from Travis Scott and Rihanna. Years back, it surfaced that the song originally belonged to Rihanna, but as it turns out, Tinashe had laid claim to it all along. She explained that the album’s title track, written by Hit-Boy and Travis Scott, kicked off the project’s inspiration, but the latter’s brief romance with RiRi brought things to a halt for a minute.

“I remember texting Travis Scott] like, ‘Yo, this is my shit, I want to name my album Joyride,’” she explained. “Then he started dating Rihanna, and he kind of iced me out.” Soon after, Tinashe reveals, Rihanna purchased the track for herself.

“It messed up our relationship for a while,” she added of her “Vulnerable” collaborator. “I don’t think I spoke to him for six months. But I guess eventually she didn’t use the song, and I was like, ‘I still want it! Can I have it back?’ …] So I got it back, revamped it, took Travis off it, and now it’s a new day!”

Back in 2016, we heard the original iteration of the “Joyride” with Travis Scott when it leaked online. At the time, it sparked rumors of the pending arrival of the album but—spoiler alert—we ended up having to wait just a little while longer. Be sure to tune into the project and decide if it was worth the wait.

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