Tinashe Shares Her Action-Packed ‘Getting No Sleep’ Video And Reveals The ‘Quantum Baby’ Release Date

On her viral single “Nasty,” Tinashe is looking for someone to match her freak. And it seems she has found the right suitor. Tonight (June 27), the Los Angeles native has shared her new single, “Getting No Sleep” from her upcoming album, Quantum Baby.

Over a hypnotic beat, Tinashe gets lost in the vibe of a man, letting the minutes turn into hours as the two stay up all night.

“All week long, keep pressure high / Got you whipped, all quick replies / I’ll admit I still get shy, overwhelmed in overdrive, she rap sings.

In the accompanying video, Tinashe finds herself at the center of the action, making epic chases through motels and dive bars.

Tinashe has been delivering next level music and visuals for over a decade. But with “Nasty” becoming a hit, we see her finally getting her long-deserved flowers. While she has several mixtapes and albums that could’ve warranted a mainstream breakthrough, it is nice seeing Tinashe’s hard work pay off in real time, and it looks like Quantam Baby will be the one.

In addition to “Getting No Sleep,” Tinashe has revealed the release date and cover art for Quantam Baby

You can see the video for “Getting No Sleep” above, and the Quantam Baby artwork below.

Nice Life

Quantam Baby is out 8/16 via Nice Life. Find more information here.