TMI! Amber Rose Admits Why She Sniffs 21 Savage's Underwear When He's Away

There are many ways to deal with distance in relationships: phone calls, surprise gifts, those weird pillows that light up when someone else lays on another one. But Amber Rose deals with her man 21 Savage being away in a way that’s a bit more… intimate.

On a new episode her podcast Loveline , Rose admitted that she sniffs Savage’s underwear when he’s away to think him.

“I’ve sniffed his underwear, like where his balls are,” she said. “It smells so good!”

“Are we gross? That’s hot to me, I’m sorry,” she added. “It has the smell their pubic hair walking around throughout the day… Woo!”

That sort love clearly has an effect. Even though they’ve separated, her ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa is still close with Rose and refuses to disparage her in the press. He was recently asked to freestyle about Amber Rose in a radio bit where he was fed prompts as he went.