Tom Brady And Model Irina Shayk Spotted Getting Touchy

Since he retired from the NFL at the conclusion of last season, Tom Brady has largely stayed out of headlines. Earlier this month a few week’s worth of rumors emerged that there could be something going on between Tom and Kim Kardashian. But they died down pretty quickly and it’s gone back to quiet since then. That is until Page Six reported that Brady was getting “touchy-feely” with model Irina Shayk. They shared pictures of the pair together following a night she spent at Brady’s house and the rumor machine went into full throttle.

This new report followed, and seemed to confirm the findings of a previous Page Six story. In that piece, they claimed that Tom Brady and Shayk were together for the better part of a wedding back in June. At the time that was seen as nothing but rumors and shut down by Shayk’s manager. But now it seems the pair have given fans a reason to believe there’s something going on after all. The Daily Mail went as far as to report that the pair are now dating. Their coverage of the story reports that the pair are “not just a fling.”

Tom Brady Hangs Out With Irina Shayk Again

One thing that people were asking themselves immediately following the news is what Tom Brady’s ex-wife thought about it. Brady and Gisele Bündchen had a long-term marriage that reportedly ended shortly after the NFL superstar decided to play one final season last year. Different sources are reporting different things in regard to how Gisele feels about the latest developments. TMZ reported that she was “not bothered” and Daily Mail agreed saying she “doesn’t mind” it.

But Page Six shared a different report entirely. In their follow-up story, they claim that Gisele is “not happy at all” about her ex-husband’s new romance. While the truth is unclear at the moment, the entire story is very much ongoing. What do you think of Tom Brady and Irina Shayk being spotted together again? Let us know in the comment section below.

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