Tom Brady Fan Slams Robert Kraft During One-Man Protest

This Tom Brady fan is probably directing his anger at the wrong person.

Tom Brady is easily the most important player in the history of the New England Patriots franchise. Brady spent 20 years with the team and helped them win six Super Bowls. He will most likely go down as the greatest football player of all time just based on his accomplishments alone. Having said that, . The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the league and social media. It’s being reported that .

Patriots fans are rightfully upset about the decision but they aren’t blaming the star. In fact, one fan decided he wanted to stage a protest at the TB12 facility in Boston. As you can see, there is a bouquet of flowers on the floor while a man holds up two signs. The first says “Thank you Tommy” and the other reads “Drop Dead Kraft.” Of course, the latter is referencing team owner, Robert Kraft.

This fan’s anger seems to be a little bit misplaced here. Kraft always wanted to keep Brady on the team but Bill Belichick seemingly had other plans. Brady and Belichick’s relationship became frayed over the past couple of years and with the QB becoming a free agent, it makes sense that he would decide to leave.

Either way, this Patriots fan is in for a long 2020 season.

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