Tom Brady Hilariously Trolls Julian Edelman Over Recent Arrest

It’s always fun when you can joke with your teammates.

Julian Edelman found himself in a bit of trouble this past weekend when he was arrested in Beverley Hills . Police say Edelman was intoxicated at the time and could even face charges if he doesn’t make things right with the owner of the vehicle. Edelman isn’t used to not playing football this time of year so perhaps this recent behavior is a manifestation of his boredom. Regardless, the incident is fairly embarrassing and we’re sure Edelman would prefer to forget it ever happened. 

Edelman’s quarterback Tom Brady isn’t so forgiving as he took to his IG story with a quick, yet hilarious troll regarding Edelman’s situation. Brady showed off a bottle of his TB12 Electrolytes with the caption “@edelman11 it sounds like you need some of this.”

It remains to be seen if Edelman will take up Brady on his offer. It’s good to see the two can still joke with each other even after a disappointing end to their season. Brady has a huge decision to make in the offseason which could ultimately see him part ways with Edelman and the Patriots. In the meantime, hopefully Edelman can stay out of trouble.

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