Weekly UK Releases


UK’s Hip Hop artists have been unleashing their creativity generously since the start of October.

Here are the top 5 best hip hop releases in the UK for October of 2018:

1-Pitch 92 – Dawn ft Sparkz

Being one of the most exciting production talents in UK hip hop right now, Pitch 92 are giving everyone their time’s worth. With smooth vibes and chill tunes, they are surely enjoying the ride towards stardom.


Levelz recently dropped funk riddled banger “RESPECT RESPECT” and the results are fantastic. You definitely need to check out the the track’s crafty visuals that highlight the soulful tunes and powerful lyrics.

3- Little Simz – Offence

Simz latest release falls in the pit of genius creations without a single doubt. The track itself is a masterpiece but the music video adds that extra boost to the whole concept. With fire bars and a high end production, Simz seems not to care at all about leaving her competitors out there in defeat.

4- Jam Baxter – Saliva

Beyond the obvious appeal of Baxter back with a banger, there’s something powerful about Saliva’s construction. There’s a juxtaposition that probably shouldn’t even work between GhostTown coming with an instrumental that’s sonically proud/and Jam’s perfectly worded disgust.

5- Children of Zeus – Fear Of A Flat Planet ft LayFullStop

Children of Zeus team up with fellow Mancunian purveyor of all things smooth, LayFullStop for ‘Fear Of A Flat Planet’. Serious harmonies resonating off this. The soulful beats in the background highlight the refreshing vocals perfectly.

Young Thug – The London ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott (Prod by Tminus)