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Tory Lanez’ "Chixtape 5" Is Imminent

Tory Lanez is still teasing us on the release of “Chixtape 5,” which is long overdue.

 Instagram posts have brought much anticipation to the upcoming drop of Chixtape 5. According to his posts, the mixtape hasn’t dropped yet because  Maybe Trey’s not ready for the overwhelming hype that will follow, as he is currently busy being a father. Today, he’s teased us yet again, claiming we’re moments away from the release.

In the meantime, fans have been blowing up Lanez’ comments’ section with umbrella emojis and questions about the release. The Canadian artist has been clearly reading the comments, as he answers fans’ concerns regarding his previous albums. Everyone was generally annoyed for not being able to access the  series on Spotify or Apple Music. He explained on one of his posts that it was extremely difficult to clear .This time around, the artist will be making Chixtape 5 available on all streaming services.

 like , , , and more, while showcasing his unique and modern flow. However, Lanez emphasizes on his social media post that Chixtape 5 will not be like his previous ones. He will be re-introducing #RNBTory, hinting at a new wave in R&B. 

He doesn’t really hint what the songs will be like, but that they will embody rhythm and blues on his own terms.

”You’re welcome” is all he has to say about the expected hype following the release of Chixtape 5. 

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