Tory Lanez Fires Back at Cassidy on New Freestyle

Tory Lanez is firing back at Cassidy.

A week after Cassidy called him out for stealing his flow, Tory has responded on his When Its Dark freestyle off his NFT album of the same name.

I leave Cass body in that casket his career is in / My prime to your prime, dawg, its no comparison, raps Tory on his scathing verse. What you gon prepare, some Smack DVD appearances / Ding, ding, ding, 15 seconds of fame is up / Was in them hotels with R. Kelly, we should flame you up.

Earlier this month, Cassidy unleashed his diss track Perjury on which he accused Tory of jacking his flow.

You keep stealin all the bars you write / F**k all the hype / You been a bitch all your life / But a shoot a chick quick like Eddie in Harlem Nights, raps the Philly MC. Canada got free healthcare, you gon need some / Its stolen bars in all the records that hes done / None of his shit is original, shit pitiful / I was selling records fore the game went digital.

Cassidys diss was released following Torys freestyle for Hot 97s Funkmaster Flex, where he rapped over Cassidys 2005 hit Im a Hustla.

Cassidy also called out Lanez for stealing his flow on a prior Flex freestyle from 2017.

Speaking with the Hip-Hop Uncensored Podcast, Cassidy opened up about his beef with the Toronto rapper.

He wasnt even following me on social media and I felt a little upset that a ni**a could be following me his whole careereven the facial expressions, the hand movements he making, the bars that he be using, he said. You could tell that he following me but you not even following me on social media. I just felt a little disrespected. I understand that he a fan. I know Im his favorite rapper.

Added Cassidy, I been doin this shit way before you came around. I dont give a f**k about you rappin to my beat. Either break bread or pay homage for real, ni**a. Pay homage and let ni**as know Im the reason why you sound and rap like that.

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