Tory Lanez Roasts Drake For Coronavirus Test

Tory Lanez showed up in Drake’s comments with a coronavirus troll-job that was just too on point.

has a history of trolling his friend . The two haven’t always been on the best of terms but, in recent years, they turned their competitive feud around and became the best of buds. Usually, the two Toronto natives can be , playfully roasting one another with jokes that hit pretty close to home. That was the case again this morning when Tory Lanez brought up Drake’s highly-publicized coronavirus test.

After hanging out with , who tested positive for COVID-19, Drake took measures into his own hands and made a responsible decision, getting tested for the coronavirus and revealing that it had . Tory Lanez thinks the star is capping though, as evidenced by his response to the matter on social media.

Sharing a photo of himself at a Euphoria event, Drake looked ahead but Tory Lanez was focused on the present.

“When u said u tested negative for corona but u tested positive .. and only u know,” wrote Tory as a caption. In the picture, Drake definitely does look like he could be holding in a secret mischievously.

Always good for a few laughs, Tory and Drake’s camaraderie fails to disappoint. Especially during a time like this, it’s important to keep a smile on your face and your spirits high. This will get better.

Tory Lanez Roasts Drake For Coronavirus Test

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