Toska Nova: The New Artist Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Toska Nova, a rising star in the music industry, is quickly making a name for himself as an artist with an undeniable talent and unique sound. Hailing from the west coast, Toska Nova’s music is heavily infuenced by his rebellious soul and his experiences growing up in a church community.

Despite a difcult start to life, Toska Nova found solace and inspiration in music. After interning for a Christian music company in high school, he began booking shows in the Pacifc Northwest and eventually started working in the business end of the industry, learning everything he could about how it worked.

Now, as an independent artist, Toska Nova relies on his soul to create music that is not only meaningful but relatable to his audience. He does not write his music, preferring instead to freestyle his lyrics and rely on the energy exchange between souls to communicate his ideas.

Toska Nova’s sound is infuenced by a variety of artists, including Jelly Roll, Lecrae, Morgan Wallen, and Merkules. However, he credits the community of independent artists who share their art with him regularly as being the most infuential in shaping his sound.

Recently, Toska Nova released a new single, “Soul,” which was created through meditation and asking his soul to speak. The cover art was designed by Toska Nova himself and then sent to his producer and agents for fnal release.

When it comes to live performances, Toska Nova thrives on the energy of his audience. He reciprocates their love and connects with them through his music. Although he has yet to embark on his frst tour, Toska Nova is excited about the prospect of connecting with fans in person.

Despite the many challenges he has faced as an independent artist, including fnancial struggles and the constant need to promote his music effectively, Toska Nova remains motivated and inspired by prayer, meditation, and listening to his community.

For aspiring musicians trying to break into the industry, Toska Nova advises keeping a positive outlook, building with loved ones, and maintaining a sense of professionalism. He also encourages musicians to embrace their oddness and to stay true to themselves.

As for the future of the music industry, Toska Nova believes that we are in a transitional phase, with everything going digital and musicians striving to fnd their niche. However, he remains optimistic about the future and is excited to continue making music that resonates with his audience.







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