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Towkio Doesn't Die Premiering "WWW." From 100K Feet Above Earth

These days, it takes more than simply putting out an album onstreaming platforms to get attention. Chi-Town’s Towkio went to the extreme to premiere his forthcoming full-length project, WWW,the follow-up to 2016’sCommunity Service 2.

At approximately 11:11 a.m on Wednesday (February 21),the courageous SAVEMONEYrapper was launched 100,000 ft. into the air inside a helium balloon where he played the forthcoming project. He then parachuted back to Earth.

Prior to the stunt, Towkio shared a video clip to his Twitter account with the caption, “Tomorrow @ 11:11 am cst I make history. I go up 100,000 ft dropping my album from space. Pray for me I love u.”

Towkiofollowed up with another video clip on Tuesday (February 21) before taking f.

“Today’s the day,” he wrote. “I love y’all.”

Despite the dangerous endeavor, he claimed he wasn’t fearful and cited 11:11 as some kind lucky number.

He recently told DJ Booth,的知 not scared. If I die … God forbid, I知 not gonna die. I know he痴 protecting me. I see 11:11 every single day. It痴 under my spell and under my power that this all will happen. Worst comes to worst, I値l die the only way I would want to die. I知 not gonna die, though.

WWW.is expected to arrive on Friday (February 23) Rick Rubin’s American Recordings imprint, which falls under the Republic Records umbrella.