Track of the Week: Songer – Love is a Lottery [Video]

Showcased effortlessly on comeback single Love is a Lottery, Songer’s style is signature yet evolving, unique yet familiar, like an old friend who refuses to settle for life’s cripplingly tepid nature. 

The rapper has had a unique rise, refusing to force his own agenda though promotion, and therefore has never received a great amount of press attention. This decision has paid off, with the rapper soaring to giddy figures, eclipsing 50 million natural streams on DSP’s and selling out his debut UK headline tour in under two hours. His ’21 album The Sunrise Project drew on an array of genres ranging from jazz, grime and DnB, deep with slick cuts that built Songer a broad and compelling musical identity and complex character arc.

Accompanied by a cinematic, satirical video, Songer continues to flaunt his impeccable flow, impressive clarity and introspective ramblings on Love is a Lottery. Delving through sonic and rhythmic tendencies to concoct an undeniable sound brimming with depth, nuance and charm, Songer uncoils a humorous narrative of love and life, accepting of himself and those around him yet constantly questioning societies impetuous undertones. 

Having built a name for himself from the ground up, this feels like the rapper’s window to fully immerse himself amongst the upper echelons of UK rap. He certainly has the talent, platform and charisma to do so. 

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