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Trae Tha Truth Organizes Nipsey Hussle Vigil In Houston, Texas

Nipsey Hussle vigils are even taking place in the Deep South.

Houston originator is the latest non-Californian to hold a vigil made out in ‘s honor. According to Fox 26 in Houston, the  was held in Midtown Park on three acres of greenery. Before opening the floodgates to a host of keynote speeches at 6 pm sharp, Trae stressed upon the event’s loose guidelines in an Instagram 

“I Need Everyone Of Every Race, Set, Hood, Every Community Activist And Every Fan To Pull Up And Show Him We Rockin For Him Down Here Too!!” Trae wrote hours before the vigil was set to begin. “Everyone Who Know Me Know How I felt About Him And How Close We Were!! The Marathon Continues!!”

After a mere 48 hours on the prowl, LAPD deputies were able to locate their wanted man, the one Eric Holder. Nipsey’s suspected killer only ventured 20 miles from the Marathon storefront where the shooting took place. Now that he’s been apprehended and formally charged, the scene now shifts towards the DA’s prosecution efforts, or in Holder’s perspective, a  that he’s “mentally unfit to stand trial.”  

Trae Tha Truth’s vigil in Houston, Texas is the second event of this nature held outside the LA area, second to ‘s gathering in NY – during which the Harlemite urged everyone in attendance to check their Dr. Sebi wisecracks at the door.

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