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Trae Tha Truth Shares Update On 60-Year-Old Woman Who Was Robbed & Attacked

A video of two men robbing her went viral.

A disturbing video went viral this week that showed the moment a 60-year-old woman was assaulted at a gas station. Houston grandmother Sheila Henry was preparing to fill up the tank to her truck before she made her way on her paper route, a job she’s been working for 34 years. Suddenly, a man walked up to her and demanded that she give him her keys.  but he chased her, knocked her to the ground, and began swinging at her while she was on the floor.

As Sheila tried kicking the man away from her, his accomplice was searching through her vehicle and waiting for his friend to grab the keys. The two thieves were successful and made off with the woman’s truck. The video circulated quickly as celebrities shared the surveillance footage on social media, until Houston rapper and community leader finally shared an update on Ms. Henry for the public.

” And Robbed At A Gas Station For Her Truck,” Trae wrote on Instagram in a post that showed himself with Sheila. “Well Let Me Introduce you to her… This Is Mrs. Sheila Henry A Hard Working Black Grandmother That Didnt Deserve That… I Had To Pull Up On Her To Let Her Know That Real Ones Across The World Aint Accepting That And We Stand With Her!!! Now She Got Real Ones Wit Her!! Love…Remember This Couldve Been One Of Our Mothers or Grandmothers….. Glad She Safe And Got Her Truck Back.” 

According to reports, Sheila’s truck was found blocks away from that had been left in the street. No suspects have been arrested.

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