Travis Kelce “Hickey” Leads To Swiftie Debate

Travis Kelce appeared to sport a mark on his neck during the Chiefs’ December 17 game against the Patriots that some fans claim to be a hickey. The strange mark, which was gone by the time the Chiefs faced Las Vegas on Christmas Day, was spotted earlier this week by fans combing through images of the game. However, it is unconfirmed to be a hickey and could have been a wide range of other things instead. Still, for Trayvis fans, it was a cause to rejoice. It served as proof that Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift is still going strong.

Meanwhile, Scott and Andrea Swift, Swift’s parents, were spotted mingling with Ed Kelce, Kelce’s dad, at the Chiefs’ game against Las Vegas over Christmas. The meeting was captured by a Chiefs fan who had their camera turned towards the Kelce family box at Arrowhead Stadium. However, Kelce’s mother Donna was not present as she was in Philadelphia to watch Jason Kelce. It is believed that the Swift and Kelce families originally met when the Chiefs and Eagles played against one another earlier in the season. A big sticking point at the time was that Swift’s father is reportedly a massive Eagles fan. “What are we doing, Scott? You’re gonna let this man’s devilish good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a lifetime of fandom, Scott? Ridiculous,” Jason teased on New Heights at the time.

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Travis Kelce Speaks On Chiefs’ Offensive Woes

However, Kelce was in a sour mood during the latest episode of New Heights. “It’s not just one guy – it’s not just me playing like dog sh-t. It’s not just us not being able to get the run game going. And it’snot just us not being on the same page, passing-wise. Everybody’s in this f-cking thing together. Everybody at some point isn’t being accountable. Every single play is somebody not doing their job, and it’s me … it’s everybody on the team. And whether that’s prep, whether that’s having the confidence and understanding of what the defense is in their coverages, their gaps in the run game, how we’re picking up blitzes, how we’re running routes versus certain coverages. All the above. Everybody’s just got to f-cking do their job,” Kelce ranted on the podcast.

The Chiefs have now lost three of their last four and four of their last six games. Mahomes was sacked four times on Christmas Day while throwing for just 246 yards. Meanwhile, the ground game failed to generate less than 100 yards of total offense. This included a stretch late in the second quarter when the Raiders scored two defensive touchdowns in the space of seven seconds. The Chiefs close out the season against the Bengals and Chargers.

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