Travis Scott Charged With Disorderly Conduct Just Days After Welcoming Baby Girl

Travis Scott pled guilty to charges disorderly conduct stemming from a rowdy concert in Arkansas last year that saw him arrested.

Scott was charged with inciting a riot, endangering a minor and disorderly conduct back in 2017 after one his notoriously rowdy shows went a little too far for law enforcements liking. Scotts attorney Doug Norwood told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that even these charges are just a technicality. He said that the charges were dismissed as part a plea deal in January, adding that the charges are likely to be expunged from the rappers record.

They overcharged him, Norwood said. They tried to get him for inciting a riot. The video did not show any that.

The Democrat-Gazette added that Scott was required to pay $6,825.31 to two people who said they were injured at the Arkansas show.