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Travis Scott Cops $50,000 Custom “Astroworld” Vending Machine

Travis Scott drops $50K on a custom vending machine.

It looks like just copped himself a baller vending machine for his office. According to TMZ, LaFlame just dropped $50,000 dollars for a commemorative Astroworld vending machine.

Designed by Houston-based beverage company Exotic Pop, the vending machine projects a 3D spinning hologram image of Trav’s Astroworld album cover, while the 49-inch multi-function touchscreen makes it easy to navigate the machine’s wide array of offerings, including soda’s, cereals & snacks. And if Travis or his crew doesn’t see something they like, they can also use the display to place a custom order, and have it delivered to them right away.

The owner of the vending company, Charleston Wilson, says they’ll be delivering Travis’ machine in mid-July when he wraps up his European tour. Travis isn’t the first artist to cop his own vending machine though. Earlier this year, also copped a custom vending machine, which came complete with Apple TV.

This news comes just days after Travis announced he’ll be selling $50 custom box of Reese Puff’s cereal, which very well could be a part of his own vending machine? Check out Travis’ $50,000 vending machine (below).

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