Travis Scott Invites 41 To Perform “Bent” At MSG, Shows Time-Lapse Of Stage-Building

Travis Scott‘s Circus Maximus tour has been a wildly successful affair so far, with a lot of interplay between him and his fans. For example, he recently revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he played “FE!N” ten times straight at a recent show because his fans were just giving him so much energy that he had to reciprocate. With that in mind, La Flame is always down for some hometown love. He knows that, if he’s performing in Madison Square Garden, New York will be just as excited as he is for Brooklyn’s next wave. Moreover, the Houston artist brought out the trio 41 for a special performance of their hit “Bent,” which comprises of rappers Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and Tata.

Furthermore, the trio is really on the rise right now, with some viral attention and big cosigns. In fact, Fivio Foreign recently enlisted them for a steamy new drill and Jersey club-fusing single, “Get Deady (Offa Pill).” “Bent,” though, is quite the banger as well, and you can tell just how excited they and Travis Scott were to share the stage and usher in an exciting era of their career. Surely they’ll have a big 2024 to capitalize on, and we hope that there are more genre fusions to come from these groups.

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Travis Scott Invites 41 To His MSG Concert

In addition, the UTOPIA superstar also recently shared a time-lapse video of what it takes to build his stage for this tour. Seeing these behind-the-scenes clips of the magic is always incredibly interesting, especially when it’s comprised of unique visual set-ups and spacing when compared to the crowd organization. Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus tour certainly fits that bill, with a stage that looks more like a patch of land than a solid surface for an artist to perform on. Nevertheless, that’s part of the charm of this trek, and yet another instance of him knowing how to bring something to life.

Circus Maximus Stage Set-Up: Watch Time-Lapse

Meanwhile, although this tour faced some unfortunate delays, it seems like it recovered and continued its success, hopefully into the new year. With that in mind, what other special guests would you like to see the “MODERN JAM” hitmaker bring out next? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and more updates on Travis Scott and 41.

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