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Travis Scott’s "Highest In The Room" Breaks New Spotify Record

Travis Scott’s fanbase came out to support the newly minted bachelor.

The past few weeks have been an interesting time for fans, who have been forced to endure countless posts about his Baby Mama’s alleged “trifling ways.” And while  Travis Scott will likely be alright. Especially considering his music continues to shatter streaming records, a testament to his status as a deity to these rage-fuelled youths. On Friday, Scott dropped “” a single which as of now is unfettered by commitment to a project. And it’s exactly that which helped it secure a new milestone, according to Chartdata.

With 3.94 million streams in the first week, Scott’s latest has officially become the most-streamed U.S. single without an album in history. Naturally, the timing was enough to fuel theories from the conspiracy theorists, who looked toward the puppeteering ways of one Kris Jenner. After all, can anything Kardashian-related ever be trusted? Like it or not, Travis Scott will forever be entwined with the notorious family of media-manipulating-masters.

Of course, it’s likely that he’s simply built an infallible brand and will continue to earn the appropriate spoils. Do you feel like “Highest In The Room” was a solid effort from the newly minted bachelor? Or do you think he simply reaped the benefits of some good old fashioned high school drama?

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