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Travis Scott’s "Highest In The Room" Garners Positive Fan Reactions

How do you feel about Travis Scott’s new single?

Kylie Jenner used to fill up ‘s mind with ideas, causing him to be the absolute highest in the room. While he likely still has some ideas in his mind when thinking about his now ex-girlfriend, they likely aren’t all as happy as they once were. . Regardless of what’s happening in La Flame’s personal life, and fans have been debating on whether or not they’re actually messing with the track.

After the release of Travis Scott’s most-decorated album thus far in his career, people have been wondering what’s coming next for Trav. Since early this year, his loyal following has been aware of “Highest In The Room,” having heard snippets and live renditions of the cut. It’s finally out and we’re all a little unsure how to feel. Do we like it? Do we love it? Do we hate it? It’s still a little too early to tell. One thing’s for sure though; that outro is FIRE. However, if we take a look at how the internet is reacting to it, much of the reception has been positive. Among the HNHH viewership, our readers have given it a 76% approval rating, which is pretty solid.

Let us know what you think of the song/video in the comments.

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