Trey Songz BLASTED for Hitting Woman in the Face at Party

Trey Songz is accused striking a woman at a party over the All-Star Weekend. According to TMZ, a woman filed a police report claiming that Trigga hit her in the face at a party in the Hollywood Hills.

According to the outlet’s summary events, Trey smacked the woman in an argument after getting upset that she was speaking to another man at the party. The website claims that the woman left the party to visit the hospital and spoke to police soon thereafter.

They go on to say that the L.A. City Attorneys fice is looking into the incident to see if charges are warranted. Trey Songz has yet to respond to the story.

Unfortunately for Songz, he’s has been involved in situations like this in the past. He was sued for $50,000 after a woman alleged that he smacked her phone into her face when she attempted to take a picture him outside a show.

Via our reporting at the time:

With those kind stories and a disturbing the peace charge in his past, it doesnt look good for Songz.