Trials and Tribulations: the journey from an undefeated boxer to a rapper

Straight from his boxing ring, Hammo is a boxer, a music artist, and a writer who makes music through the emotions of his past

07DEDE23- Trials and Tribulations: the journey from an undefeated boxer to a rapper

Hammo was born and raised in a small town in Australia called Glen Innes. He now resides in Tamworth in the northwestern region of New South Wales, Australia. He is known to have a tough childhood and had to work extremely hard for everything that he owns including what he is today. One can say that he had a significant amount of worries growing up, which led him to achieve numerous endeavors.  

Before rapping Hammo was a Professional Boxer and was well known for his short temper and fighting, both in the street and in the boxing ring. He became an amateur boxer at the age of 12. However, he eventually went pro in 2014, winning 2 NSW titles in 2 different weight divisions. At this point, Hammo still didn’t have a rapping career. 

As a boxer, he capitalized on his fame and released his debut album Invictus on 15th May 2020. Some of his notable tracks include “HGH Checkmate” featuring Famous American Rapper “Stitches. Despite being an active boxer during his early years, Hammo found his calling in writing and making raps. Through his dedication and hard work, he is gearing up to send waves through the industry and dedicates himself to staying Independent under his own record label “Undefeated Records” as he likes to do things on his own. This is about him being Independent and telling his own story through his music. 

The motivation behind his professional endeavors increased when Hammo decided that he wanted to get out of the tough situation that was weighing him down. He states that “after getting locked up, I realized that I wasn’t living right and that I needed to make a serious change”. Here he is referring to his difficult childhood and how he also spent some time in juvenile detention when he was 17yrs old then went on to do more time in several big jails at age 20. He also speaks about wanting to change his life and doing better by himself so that he can achieve a level of financial and professional independence, rather than relying on anyone else. He says “I did not have much so I had to dedicate myself to my goals, it was my only choice if I wanted to turn my life around”. 

Hammo is an undefeated boxer who never lost a match whilst boxing Professional. It is very clear how the main theme of his work is based on his pursuits to become unconquerable and undefeated. This is the reason why he named his album ‘Invictus’. His music taps into emotions through stories of trials and tribulations. Even though he has only been rapping for 12 months, he is honing his skills. His music speaks to some of the deepest aspects of human conditions such as loss, depression, and overcoming. Boxing and making raps are his ways of channeling his emotions for the world to feel. He is very active on his Instagram because he wants his fans to be consistently updated. 

Hammo’s Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/hammo_official/

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