Trick Daddy Arrested On DUI & Cocaine Possession Charges In Miami

His bond is set at $6,000 total between both charges.

 found himself in trouble with the law again when he was arrested in Miami on DUI and cocaine possession charges this weekend. The Miami Herald reported that a police officer had responded to a report of a driver hitting signs and running red lights in a Range Rover on Saturday. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noted that the driver “appeared to be asleep behind the wheel.” The officer knocked on the window, waking the man, who was later identified by his driver’s license as  He reportedly had a slurred speech, bloodshot, watery, glassy eyes, and the officer smelled alcohol on his breath. Trick Daddy told the officer that he had consumed about five drinks hours that night at a club in Miami Gardens and was dropping someone off before heading home. , but was unable to successfully complete it.

Police later found cocaine inside a dollar bill while Trick Daddy was putting his possessions in a plastic bag at the local police station. He was then booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, with a bond of $5,000 on the cocaine possession charge and $1,000 on the driving under the influence charge. This is the third time Trick Daddy has been arrested for cocaine possession. In 1991 he went to prison for more than two years for cocaine possession as well as for carrying a concealed firearm and violating probation. , though he was later bonded out on that occasion.

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