Trinidad James Says Yeezy Sales Will Rise Once Kanye West Drops New Music

Kanye West‘s previous Twitter rants may have hurt his Yeezy sales. As we previously posted, a Yeezy-affiliated event was held in Sydney, Australia but unfortunately got shut down after 45 minutes since no one showed up. Some think that his slavery comments and public love for Donald Trump caused this, but Trinidad James thinks Yeezy fans will begin purchasing again once his album drops next month. 

TMZ caught up with the “All Gold Everything” rapper who said he will still buy Yeezy’s, being as he’s a huge sneakerhead and he’s a fan of the product. James was told about the Australia event that got shut down and he said that it makes sense. As for his thoughts on the future of Yeezy, he thinks sales won’t slow down because “they make too much money.”

“People will realize in the long-run that Ye’s just being Ye,” he said. “At the end of the day you buy shoes because you like shoes. And you buy his] shoes because the music is the catalyst for you buying his shoes. When he drops new music, like next month or something like that, everybody gone be back.”


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