Trippie Redd Announces Album Release Month, Plays New Music At Rolling Loud

Rolling Loud, unlike many other festivals, really brings something special out the rappers performing there. There are always surprises and high-flying stunts, but sometimes fans also get pertinent information about new music, a perfect example being Trippie Redd announcing that his upcoming album will be releasing some time this July.

While on stage at the festival in Miami, Trippie says, “I’m not like these other dudes, I’m very versatile. I guess I’mma show y’all some shit from my album that’s about to drop in July. New shit from the album! Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a vibe. It’s not no turn up shit, it’s a vibe with the shit. New age Kurt Cobain shit.”

Trippie then goes on to preview a new song, which doesn’t sound like anything he’s released before. He wasn’t joking when he said he was inspired by Kurt Cobain, as the song forgoes rap entirely and instead features Trippie belting over a slow electric guitar riff. Whether or not the combination works is up to you, but Trippie doesn’t appear to be afraid to take risks, even if the rapper rock album isn’t an idea that usually ends well. Rappers want to be the new rockstars, and actually making rock music seems to be a part of that now.

If this song isn’t quite your taste, don’t panic, as you’ll presumably have 21 other Trippie tracks to choose from when his album drops in July. Check out Trippie’s Rolling Loud album announcement and song preview below.

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