Trolls Booed Ice Spice And Taylor Swift’s Collaboration At Rolling Loud, So The Rapper Graciously Clapped Back


You thought the crowd was feeling you? Well, Ice Spice surely hoped so. The “Gimme A Light” rapper’s Y2K! World Tour is off to a rough start.

During Open’er Festival, fans grew concerned about Ice Spice’s wellbeing after she seemed disassociated onstage. Today (July 7) the recording artist came face-to-face with a sea of trolls at Rolling Loud Europe. As Ice Spice performed “Karma (Remix),” her collaboration with Taylor Swift, the Austrian audience began to boo.

Initial, Ice Spice seemed confused by the reaction (especially considering Swift’s global reach). But, shortly after the audience flashed a few thumbs down motions toward her, Ice Spice responded by blowing a kiss.

Users online applauded Ice Spice’s action while clowning the overwhelmingly male perpetrators.

“Men used to go war, and now they show up to Ice Spice sets and hate on a woman 1,000,000 times out of their league,” wrote one user.

“Imagine going to an Ice Spice set, then booing Taylor Swift when their collab plays. What losers,” penned another.

“TayBlessings for Ice,” chimed another.

“Love her. Men are f*cking weird,” added another.

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice’s friendship has continued to blossom since their song. They were even spotted together at Super Bowl 2024. Based on Ice Spice’s defense of Swift, they will remain strong.