Turk of the Hot Boys Checks Offset Over "Biggest Group Ever" Claims

In the studio, rappers have time to think about every line and play it back over and over before anyone outside the room has a chance to hear it. They can weigh everything about what theyve said and how they said it. They can restructure lines to hit the ear in the exact way that they want them to. But in a radio interview, they have no such luxury… and sometimes rappers get ahead themselves. That seems to be what happened to Offset when he said that Migos was the best rap group in the history music. Now, one-time Hot Boy Turk is giving him a mulligan.

Offset said they were the biggest group to ever do it because the way their sound has spread.

“We the biggest group ever. Ever. In pop, hip-hop all that because every genre in music right now is structured f us,” he told Big Boy.

But the member the collective that helped launch Juvenile and Lil Wayne says that Offsets claims are disrespectful to the past and he should know.

“For a n**ga to say they the best group ever, not the best group right now doin’ they thing, but the best group ever?” Turk said, “Man, that’s some disrespectful-a**, foul-a** s**t, you dig? I wouldn’t be right, me being in a group that was big, that n**gas emulate to this day – including the Migos… The Migos the new Hot Boys, they doin’ they thing.”