Turn It Up With “Jersey” By Kadalya Soundz

Singer-songwriter and rapper Kadalya Soundz is hitting it up with her “Jersey” song in which she praises the East Coast scene and the luxurious lifestyle of her native state New Jersey. Creative, fun, and flirty, “Jersey” is bound to become the anthem of the NJ artists’ scene. 

“From the time I could tie my own shoe I was already mentally creating my own lyrics in secret. I was constantly writing on other topics and then one day I began to write my own songs,” said the artist. “Jersey” is a follow-up to Kadalya’s previous single “On The Wire”, continuing to fuse flawless hip-hop with her very own unique style. Fans cannot wait to hear Kadalya’s next releases!

Kadalya Soundz is on: InstagramYouTube

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