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Twitter Is Here For Wendy's "We Beefin?" Mixtape

Twitter – Wendy’s fast food restaurant just dropped a mixtape that scorches its competition and Twitter is here for it. Titled We Beefin?, the five-track effort features songs with names like “Rest In Grease” and “4 For $4.”

The longtime chain announced the mixtape Twitter on Friday (March 23).

“The mixtape drops now,” they wrote. “Not pulling punches. We Beefin.”

“Clowin” goes after McDonald’s with lines like, “First f fuck Big Macs and the fries you make/ Wendy’s we make meals that aren’t so fake/ You claim to be the best but it’s all just hype/ And your tomatoes are never that ripe.”

Wendy’s made it clear it was coming for the Golden Arches.

Twitter was teetering on the line between disbelief and sheer joy but overall, Wendy’s got props for its latest foray into the world rap beefs. Last year, Wendy’s Twitter battled Wingstopfor an entire afternoon.

Check out some the reactions to the We Beefin? mixtape below and listen to it above.