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Tyga Defends 'Kyoto' Cover: "It's Art, Man"

Tyga Defends 'Kyoto' Cover: "It's Art, Man"

Earlier this week, Tyga revealed plans to release a new album titledKyotoby sharing some extremely WTF artwork, which you can feast your eyes on above.

The image, which comes from the mind Japanese illustratorHajime Sorayama, features anude woman-tiger hybrid in front the flag Japan. The artwork has left plenty people fended, disgusted or both.

Now, the inquiring minds atTMZhave taken Tyga to task over the suggestive artwork. A cameraman confronted the rapper and his crew on the street in Beverley Hills, asking about how some called it furry porn and thought it was disrespectful to the Japanese flag.

“It’s art, man. It’s art,” Tyga said. “It’s definitely an art piece. It’s the beginning, just keep watching.”

When it came to furry porn, Tyga answered, “I don’t know what that is.”

You can watch his answers complete with a drive-by cameo from Tyler, the Creator and his McLaren in the player below.