Tyla’s ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview Was Interrupted By Her Publicists Saving Her From More Colorism Questions

I thought we already settled this, but apparently, here we go again. South African hitmaker Tyla recently appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show, where a line of questioning undoubtedly designed to generate a viral moment regardless of the consequences for the 22-year-old star was shut down by her protective publicists.

As Charlamagne The God — who’s never been known for his tact and sense of nuance regarding fraught topics — asked her what it means to be “coloured” in South Africa (again, here’s a refresher for those who need it), a voice can be heard from off-camera asking, “Can we not, por favor?”

Tyla, who was already a star in her home country before “Water” broke in America, has had a stellar year to date, releasing a well-received debut album fueled by the Gunna-featuring remix of her breakout hit and cross-cultural collaborations with stars like Becky G and Skillibeng.

Although she was forced to cancel her highly anticipated headlining tour for health reasons, her star continues to rise. And with her previously addressing the differences in how America and South Africa do systemic racism, it’s clear she has no time for the Breakfast Club crew’s usual shenanigans.

You can watch Tyla’s interview with The Breakfast Club above.