Tyler The Creator Confessed To Being A Bit ‘Jealous Of’ Doja Cat’s Wig-Filled Set Design At Coachella 2024


Coachella is arguably one of the biggest festival stages in music. Each year, the pressure is on for each featured headliner to put on a show worth trucking out to the desert. For 2024, Lana Del Rey, Doja Cat, and Tyler The Creator held the marquee position.

Both Doja and Tyler’s set have earned a stellar review from Uproxx‘s hip-hop editor Aaron Williams. However, Tyler might’ve declared Doja the weekend’s true MVP. Yesterday (April 20), during his final headlining set, Tyler admitted that he was a bit envious of Doja Cat’s production set up for her performance.

“I was with Doja Cat yesterday,” he said. “And I told her,’I’m jealous that you have backup dancers. N****. Just a bunch of sweaty n****s onstage with you, helping you look sweaty. F*ck. She got the wigs and sh*t. I need to do the ‘Igor’ sh*t one more time with the wig and sh*t.”

Silent House’s creative director and designer Parker Genoway, one of the creative force behind her set, spoke with Uproxx about what went into Doja’s raved about build outs.

“She was always like, ‘I want a dinosaur. I really want a dinosaur,’” he said. “And so when we started thinking about, ‘Let us work backwards. What kind of world could this be? Is this prehistoric, or is this post-apocalyptic? Has society crumbled?’… I think when I like to create a world, I want layers and I want versatility, and I want to be able to deliver a show that evolves and does not just stay the same the whole time.”

Users online went from making fun of Doja Cat’s hair to gushing over her custom hair costumes.