Tyler, The Creator Responds To Fan Who Said He's Doing Too Much For "OKRA"

Tyler, The Creator dropped “OKRA” last week and since the release of the two-minute thirty-second song, he’s been going heavy on Twitter promoting his tune. Clearly, the man is feeling his work (and the video that came with) but a certain Twitter user thinks he’s “sadly” pushing the track too much. 

Edoardo Bellu tweeted at Tyler saying: “Man you sadly overpromoting this 2 minute song.”

The “IFHY” rapper came back at Edoardo with a pretty real response with an aggressive ending – that has since been deleted. “Yes, also effort went into this, I’m proud of it, and that’s what I’m spose to do, let the world know about it and not give up after one day of putting it out eat my dick stupid,” Tyler said

After people got wind of Edoardo’s tweet, he followed up with a clarification on his statement, letting it be known that he is a fan of Tyler, but he was just simply confused “by the large amount of promotion” for the one song.

If you’re curious of the “over promotion” Edoardo was referring to, check out some of Tyler’s tweets below. What do you guys think?

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