Tyreek Hill Wasn’t Pleased Rick Ross Livestreamed His House Fire, But Ross Did His Best To Explain


In January, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill suffered a house fire at his mansion in Southwest Ranches. According to TMZ, the fire caused over $2 million in damages but he wasn’t sweating it, as he was simply grateful no one in his family was hurt. However, he was disappointed in his neighbor, Rick Ross, who went on Instagram Live and streamed his reactions to the fire.

Hill addressed Ross’ stream on The Pivot Podcast, where he said, “I just wanna say, Rick Ross, I can’t vibe with you. I can’t f*ck with you no more, bro. You ain’t even come over. You had the audacity to talk to a fireman, you got my number. You get on Twitter, post me all over Twitter after what me and my family went through. You supposed to be the neighborhood hero.”

Earlier this week, the Port Of Miami rapper did his best to dispel the NFL star’s anger, explaining in another live stream that he wasn’t “picking on” Hill. “I wasn’t picking on you at all,” he said. “First of all, I’m assuming you are All Pro wealthy. Great homeowners insurance, who go get new porcelain floors, marble walls, pillars; so it ain’t nothing to pick on you about.”

“More importantly, your beautiful mother and your family was straight,” he continued. “They was straight. I didn’t film none of them, homie. And let’s not act like I’m the one that premiered the fire to the world. It was five helicopters circling over your crib and my crib. We stay right across the street from each other. I didn’t post you and your girl outside, I didn’t post mom. None of that. But, sh*t was everywhere, homie. But, I was on your podcast before. I always f*cked with you. Now come on my podcast. It only makes sense.”

You can see Ross’ video below.