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Tyrese Has A Message For People Who Try To Be "Weird" In Order To Stand Out

Don’t try so hard.

Creatives tend to express themselves in ways that are unconventional, but  of folks being weird for the sake of being weird. The actor-singer refrained from dropping any names, but he took to his Instagram just a little while ago to share a public service announcement to those that he feels are creating a “weird facade” in order to stand out.

Gibson begins his PSA by noting that throughout history, people who have been branded as being “weird” didn’t necessarily try to be different. “Honestly  with people who are trying too damn hard to be purposely weird…,” Gibson wrote in his post-and-delete image. “Here’s a little memo truly ‘Weird’ people don’t know that they’re actually weird it just kind of happens.”

Tyrese Has A Message For People Who Try To Be "Weird" In Order To Stand Out
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

“Coloring your hair painting your finger nails black [and] thinking you’re suddenly gonna make better beats or write better songs – Man GTFOH,” he continued. “Just be you bro…I have found over the years that my happiest place is just simply ME being ME… and create this ‘weird facade’ your so called being different is contrived and forced and you’re making a mockery of yourself.”

The real question is, who do you think he was talking about?

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