U.S. To Surpass China & Italy In Number Of Coronavirus Cases

The United States is predicted to experience a harsher coronavirus outbreak than China or Italy as the number of cases and deaths continues to rise.

The United States is on its way to amassing more cases of coronavirus than either China or Italy in total , as the number of confirmed cases and deaths continues to rise across America. Just yesterday (March 25th), the World Health Organization warned that the U.S. could become the new centre of disease. As of today (March 26th), according to Worldometer, the U.S. is only 428 infections behind China’s overall total: China has reported a total of 81,285 infections throughout its outbreak, while the US has 80,857. Among China’s 81,285 cases, 74,051 people have recovered, while 3,287 have died. There are only 3,947 active cases in China at the moment, a starkly low number compared to the U.S.’s 77,830 active cases. In the U.S., only 1,864 patients have recovered, and 1,163 have died.

U.S. To Surpass China & Italy In Number Of Coronavirus CasesWin McNamee/Getty Images

Italy, which was hit hardest by the pandemic, has recently begun to stabilize. Italy has had a total of 80,589 cases at the time of writing, only 35 more than the U.S. The European country, however, has seen the number of new cases decline or remain flat for several days. They currently have 62,013 active cases, with 10,361 recovered and 8,215 dead.

U.S. To Surpass China & Italy In Number Of Coronavirus CasesMarco Di Lauro/Getty Images

A major key difference between these countries’ approaches is that China and Italy have  in order to “flatten the curve.” However, Trump has yet to invoke such a measure throughout the U.S., instead making highly unlikely promises about  Lockdowns could take two to six weeks to take noticeable effect, so if drastic measures aren’t taken soon, the U.S. will be on course to surpass China and Italy’s numbers of cases and deaths.

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