UglyFace The Collective Drops A Major Track Titled “Oxtails”

UglyFace release their latest project, the track titled “Oxtails,” offering an exquisite mix of sounds meticulously curated by this masterful collective of fierce rappers.   

Their Hip-Hop journey officially began in 2021 with the release of a debut joint titled “Without You,” shortly followed by many more including the tracks “Woke Up,” “Young & Black,” “By The Pound” and “GWEN.” 

UglyFace The collective has created music together for years in California from Oakland to Stockton. Kevin Farpella and Aaron Temple were introduced by Andre Mosley. They would later be dubbed UglyFace, by Aric Jones, a Bay Area kid with Chicago roots, after some hard hitting sessions. The group would temporarily disband to sharpen their individual swords. Singer Andre Mosley at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Aaron Temple in Brooklyn, New York and Aric Jones in Los Angeles with only Kevin Farpella remaining in Tracy, CA. With a strengthened brotherhood they’ve decided to finish what they started, writing and producing their own music.

The release of “Oxtails” sustains the momentum generated by the group this past year, and sets a solid foundation for their next big move in the game. 

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