UKHHT Exclusives: Meet Turk NY, The Queens, NY Rapper Making Waves In The Industry

Welcome to UK Hip Hop Talk! How did it all start for you? When did you start making music and why?

It all started for me when I was younger. My dad used to record heavy and his bars used to be crazy to me. I used to be amazed and I used to try to write my own raps in school and do talent shows. When I was 19, I started writing on Bryson Tiller beats and coming up with my own vibe and cadence. I went to my bro Ro studio session like 4 years ago and He had about 30-40 minutes left in his session. He told me to get in the booth and I recorded a song called Memories. Ever since then I knew it was for me.

What are some of the projects you are currently working on?

As of right now Im currently working on my singles and Im working on my project Breaking Silence which will release on my birthday this year September 3rd,2021. Im also going to be adding a deluxe to the project roughly 2-3 weeks after the release. I dont want to spill the beans on the singles but just know Im going hard this year.

Talk us through your creative process when creating songs like Two Things and Only A Millie

I have a different creative process for every song. I could be in my car, at my house, my parents house, or even in the studio. When Iwas home one day with my little brother we were listening to beats. I already had the hook but I didnt have the beat, melody or the rhythm of how I was going to do it. We stumbled across the Two Things beat and we kept playing it and playing it because it had a drowsy and low tone to it. When I repeated the hook on the beat it automatically fit and I kept the same drowsy feel to my flow. As for Only a Millie,  I was just sitting in my car one day going through beats. When I came across this one I felt happy or like good about myself. As of the past and the era we live in now, money matters, everybody wants to be rich or successful, but we all have obstacles or blocks that try to mess up our streak. Everybody wants to be a millionaire around me so I let the vibe of getting to a million dollars take me in and thats how I came up with it. 

Are you more of a performer, a recording artist, or both?

I feel like Im more of a recording artist but I am a good performer too. I excel in the studio and recording process because I put a lot of time in. I havent done too many shows as of yet, probably around 10-12 shows at most and I did my thing.

Whats the first thing that catches your attention when hearing a new track?

First thing that catches my attention on a new track first is the difference, the cadence, the beat instruments, and the bass.

Who is your biggest inspiration in music?

My biggest inspiration in music has to be my dad. Its almost like Im living in his shoes at this age. He had me you g and he was doing music and trying to push. I have a daughter now and 24 years old. It was harder back then because you would literally have to go on foot and do a lot. Now in this generation its easier for us independent artists to be heard as far as social media, networking, and digital streaming. So for him I go hard to be honest and I feel like he wants this to happen to me as much as he wanted it for him, maybe more. 

Besides music, what are some of your favorite activities or hobbies?

On my own time, Ilike to do things like shop, play basketball, play video games, and just watch shows and movies. I am a person who stays to myself so I dont really like being around too many people so I do things that wont really require a lot of surrounding.

Which song would you suggest new fans to start with when getting introduced to your sound?

I suggest all my new fans to tune in to Baby Girl and Two Things because those two songs did it for me as far as sound. Only a Millie if you want to hear whats hot right now by me.

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