Ultra_eko Released a New Viral Album Revelation

The sound from South London, Ultra_eko, is back and bigger than ever. The artist just released his brand new album Revelation, and fans are just stoked about this latest addition to his creation.

Packed with a myriad of 19 tracks, the album hits all the right doses and tunes. His vocals take center stages as he spits out spine-chilling lyrics smeared across captivating soundscapes. Over the course of the album, the artist’s impeccable storytelling abilities are taking the spotlight by storm. Packed with a splendid sense of surrealism, the artist flows between rap and hip-hop as he gracefully delivers tunes that will get stuck in your head for days.

The melted tactics used within each track add a sense of an almost dream-like state. The smooth-paced verses reel in the entirety of the journey with an infectious soundscape.

The first track on the notorious album, “Dust to Dust,” slowly seeps into the quarrel persistent throughout the album. Offering a truly majestic feel, the track will set you off in the right direction to truly experience the rest of the album. Moving on to “Fade to Black,” you will feel the bass rumble on through as it takes on a dose of physicality to them. The track “Twisted Fate” presents a sort of dark, mysterious, nightmarish presence carrying an eerie quality. In “Bad Egg,” Ultra_eko’s lyricism shines through with a has a sharped edge to strike fans with a classic aura. The dazes vision of  “Red Alert” is even more evident with hewed sounds filtering on throughout the track. For a minimalist and smooth-sailing adventure, take “Messy Thoughts” out for a ride as you take in the trap’s showstopping presence. The album features renowned names such as DaRealMrLee and Maya, as it makes its way to become a hip-hop classic in the making.

His tumultuous personal experiences have shaped him into a masterful storyteller and rap poet with a hard-hitting dictionary of words. With creative writing and psychology studies strapped to his resume, his lush stories reveal the strain of ordinary men and present the soundtrack to help his fans grow and change.

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