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Uncle Luke Crashes House Party, Grabs The Mic, & Gets Women To Dance On Tables

Fun Fridays.

No matter where he’s at, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell will liven up any event. The veteran artist is known for his club jams and party hits that have been staples on DJ playlists for decades.  his voice over the speakers yell, “It’s your birthday,” and fans have Friday flashbacks when “Hoochie Mama” comes on. Uncle Luke’s party-starter reputation precedes him, but the last place anyone expects him to show his face is at a South Beach house party.

In a video that Luke posted on his Instagram page, the 58-year-old shared that he crashed a Florida get-together. The clip shows a handful of possibly intoxicated people enjoying their Friday night in the Sunshine State as Luke’s hit song plays in the background. Luke is on the mic persuading one of the women to get on the coffee table to dance as her friends laugh around her.

She shows off her b, “I did it again my little thing crash your birthday party start performing give some lucky lady a treat. Last year around this time I crashed a Boca Raton Party this one was on South Beach.” The lady in red acted as if she was playing it cool until she heard her favorite part on the track and dropped it low. Check out the fun time below.

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