Underground HipHop Explained & Top 3 Of Best Underground Rappers

What Does Underground Rapper Mean?

The music industry is always changing, transforming, and evolving. Rap and hip-hop songs have played the role of a catalyst for a very long time. While you can still listen to some hit tracks, nowadays, the real king and queen of rap are those lyrics that send a deep and meaningful message on online platforms such as SoundCloud or YouTube. 

These modern communication channels are the perfect places for rap artists who want to transform the things they have to say into songs that might become viral. If the timing is right and with a bit of luck, a new anonymous rapper has real chances to evolve into an overnight sensation. 

In a music world full of commercial and shallow tunes, a few underground rappers are trying their best to make a huge statement and change something through their artistic creations. Ignoring them is simply impossible. 

What Is Underground Hip-Hop?

Underground hip-hop is a general term used to describe all songs that are a part of this specific music genre, but they aren’t as commercial as the lyrics of a common hip-hop song. There are certain characteristics that define underground rap like positive and anti-commercial lyrics or socially-conscious messages. 

On the other hand, there’s no universal theme when it comes to underground rap. Conscious rap and alternative hip-hop are just a few of the music scenes that have strong connections to underground rap. 

Underground rap encompasses different music styles that are meant to increase social awareness, political fairness, etc. 

What Does Underground Rapper Mean?

Underground rappers are usually independent artists who don’t associate their names with any music label, or they agree to sign to an independent label. There’s also an underground community that consists of members such as musicians, artists, supporters, followers, fans, and other members who encourage the development of independent music. 

Not all artists are considered underground right from the start. Some of them release commercial albums at first, and, after several years, they seem to find their true style even if that means their songs become less commercial. 

The Beginnings of the Underground Rap 

At first, rap was mostly underground, by definition. After 1979, a handful of rappers gained some sort of commercial success, which led to the increased popularity of this music genre. However, RapTV says that most rap musicians didn’t enjoy that kind of prominence. Another popularity boost happened in the mid-1980s. 

Between 1990 and 1999, there was a well-known radio show that was airing underground rap music. It even featured rap stars like Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Fugees, Eminem, and Big L. All of them had known their moments of fame during this show even before they became real celebrities. 

Best Underground Rappers

Some of the most famous underground rap artists are Sheck Wes, Cousin Stizz, Princess Nokia, and many others. Here are some detailed facts about each of these underground rappers. 

Sheck Wes

Sheck was born in Harlem, but his mother made him stay in Senegal for a year because of his troublesome ways. When he came back, a few years ago, he was ready to make a statement in the music industry. He signed with two famous music production companies created by two well-known musicians: Kanye and Travis Scott (Cactus Jack and G.O.O.D. Music). 

Cousin Stizz 

If underground rap would be a game, Cousin Stizz will always win it. His music sounds classic yet fresh. This Boston rapper stands out as a talented and gifted rising star. What he sings about are slices of the reality that occurs on the streets, and his influences are whip-smart. He wins over his fans’ hearts with his infectious hooks and easy flow. 

Lil Skies 

According to RapTV, Lil Skies needs no industry validation because he is on the rise, despite his young age. At only 19 years old, this underground rapper has made millions of streams with his deep and cultural songs. 

There is commercial rap, and then, there’s underground rap, which is not meant for a large audience. In theory, these types of songs have lyrics that deliver deeper and more meaningful messages. Some seem to think that those who consider themselves underground artists haven’t really achieved success yet, but that’s not entirely true. 

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