Untitledexport announces app to help artists learn about the industry

IMG_0022 Untitledexport announces app to help artists learn about the industry

This year is starting off in the favor of many artists as a great innovation in the form of the “Untitledexport App”. This important resource is announced to be officially releasing on April 2nd, 2021. Although you will have to wait a couple of months for this blessing, you can enter to be considered to be a part of the beta testing team which will get the app next month in February. The easy way to be considered for beta testing is by following the app’s Instagram and commenting on the announcement post.

The Untitledexport App is proposing that they are going to offer a swarm of great tools for artists and creatives. The app is aimed to revolutionize how artists or, really anybody interested in the music business can learn about and grow their brand and image. The Untitledexport App is set to be the very first and only artist development application. This app is going to give artists looking to grow the tools and knowledge that will help them succeed in their music journey.

The Untitledexport App will feature many regularly updated tools that will help artists with a lot of gray areas in their careers that they might need help with. “Take control of your career and become your own CEO this spring.

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