Veterinary Education Remix: Exploring the Impact of Hip Hop on Learning

Hip-hop is not a novelty in classrooms. It was over a decade ago when scholars started exploring the effectiveness and impact of hip hop on their students’ learning. Seeing how rap is one of the most popular music genres in the world, especially among the youth, educators got the idea to use this to connect with their students and boost their teaching. 

So, how can hip-hop help a student get their degree for veterinarian work? If used properly in college or university, this music genre can help any student excel in their learning. In this article, we’ll discuss how it can boost the learning of students. 

Hip Hop in the Classroom

Hip hop therapy is used to relieve the stress that students are facing nowadays. Thanks to such innovative approaches in education, students can tackle their academic tasks more effectively. They can write a veterinarian essay faster, be more focused on the task in hand, and get a higher grade as a result. If you are a student studying to become a vet, you can also use some veterinarian research paper topics to get inspired. These veterinary topics to write about are free to see, and they should inspire you to write a high-quality paper. 

Hip hop education is a popular movement in the world of education because of its cultural relevancy and its impact on the students. It promotes an increased political and social awareness, all while entertaining students and helping them relax. With this in the curriculum, students can become more relaxed, focused, and learn important skills we’ll discuss below. 

The Story of the Hip Hop Genre

To effectively use hip hop in a classroom, one must understand what this genre is all about. Hip-hop is a culture, one that has impacted people across the group. Its popularity is most prominent in marginalized groups. Generally speaking, hip hop can be defined through MCing, graffiti, DJing, and break dancing. It also teaches its listeners to know themselves, their values, emotions, and abilities.

unnamed-1-12-500x500 Veterinary Education Remix: Exploring the Impact of Hip Hop on Learning

Knowing this, it’s no wonder that hip hop is used in academic circles. One study showed that it can help girls of color in developing their identity in science. When this approach was used in teaching, girls shared their positive experiences and experienced more comfort with engaging in the field. 

It’s not only useful in marginalized groups, too. Hip hop has the potential to help various students, including those who aim to obtain veterinarian qualifications. Today, over 300 colleges and universities offer courses in hip hop. In Arizona, the University of Arizona even offers a minor in Hip Hop and in the McNally Smith College, students can obtain a diploma in the subject. 

How Hip Hop Impacts Students Who Study Veterinary

Hip hop included in the curriculum of veterinarians can have a positive impact on their learning. There’s no school that adds this in the veterinarian requirements, but some educators are already using the positive results from incorporating hip hop in their classrooms around the globe. 

Here are the perks this can bring to one’s veterinary education:

  • Increased Engagement and Focus

Hip hop is the perfect therapy, a stress relief for busy students. Students who study to become veterinarians have a lot to learn. They have to learn everything from animals’ anatomy to medications and procedures. This is very complicated and while the career is rewarding, it takes a tool on those who pursue it. 

Thanks to hip hop, students can get a much needed stress relief. This helps them become more engaged in their studies, better focused, and retain information more easily. 

  • Better Relationships

Young people love hip hop. This is a big part of today’s youth culture. By using something students like as a medium to help their learning, educators can build stronger relationships with their students. 

  • Modeling Positive Attitudes

As we mentioned, hip hop teaches students to be more courageous, self-aware, and handle life’s difficulties in a better, clearer way. Using this in the classroom models positive attitudes and behaviors. It also teaches students to overcome their fears. 

Wrapping Up

Hip-hop is now a popular movement in academic circles. Many young people in the world listen to rap these days. This makes hip hop pedagogy a smart move, a way to get to students more easily by talking about what interests them. As a result, many students will have a hip hop class in their academic journey. This helps them in many ways. It gives them a much-needed stress relief, inspires them, and allows them to better tackle their academic tasks.

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