Vince Staples Tells Fans That ‘Peer Pressure Works’ And Wants Netflix To Renew ‘The Vince Staples Show’


Vince Staples recently encouraged fans to help boost the success of his recent Netflix series, The Vince Staples Show, so the streaming platform will renew it for more episodes. As of right now, there are only five — and the program is a limited series.

His post started after a fan asked where the rest of the episodes were, as it seemed like a smaller number than the average show gets on the site.

“Netflix didn’t buy anymore episodes so make sure you hit that double thumbs up,” Staples wrote. “Peer pressure works and I’m tryna re up.”

Since he put the post out, fans have started tagging Netflix in tweets to hopefully get them to reconsider. “gf and I watched all 5 yesterday, hit the double thumbs up immediately,” one user replied to Staples. “Really hope they order at least 20 more episodes.”

“That season deserves an Emmy IMMEDIATELY,” another added.

The series uses Staples’ life as an inspiration. “That’s just the opportunity that we got, so we just try to make the best out of the opportunity,” Staples told Uproxx about how the show moved from YouTube. “Hopefully, it performs well and we are able to keep it going. That’s kind of how we got situated over here with Netflix, and I think it came out good. I feel like no matter how it ends up, we gave a round story and gave it some closure, some context. So I think we’ll be good either way.”

View Staples’ post about his Netflix show above. Below, find some more fan reactions who are hoping for a Netflix renewal.