Vivica A. Fox Gets Bombarded By Fur Protesters At New York Book Signing

Miss Vivica A. Fox is seemingly living her best life as she’s touring major cities for her new book Everyday I’m Hustling. The book has since made some headlines as she talks about her past relationship with 50 Cent and gives detail on their sex life. As anyone could have predicted, he wasn’t pleased about it and of course posted a video to Instagram explaining why. 

50 was mostly confused as to why she’s talking about their personal times after 14 years, explaining how if it was reversed (a guy talking about a woman) it would be different repercussions. “You would call the police on a n—a, called your brothers and told them] to jump the n—a,” he said.

Well, on a recent book signing at Barnes & Noble in Tribeca the other night, a group of people attended Vivica’s event for a whole other reason than her relationship with 50 Cent. While she was posing for a pic, a group of people began chanting “stop wearing fur” non-stop. Her crew started laughing just a little then Vivica started yelling “God bless you” numerous times followed by a closing statement: “Don’t compare what you can’t compete.”

Check it out below.

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