Vodoo Black – Sitting At The Table [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Haley Vibes

Photo Credit: Haley Vibes

Bringing further richness to the incredibly-eclectic tapestry of Manchester’s music scene, Voodoo Black return with their first project since 2014. ‘Sitting at the Table’ combines a range of sounds and styles with its direction blurring the lines of genres, with ease. From lo-fi inspired trip-hop to more alternative neo-soul infused tracks, the four-piece composed of Dubbul O, Ellis Meade, Sparkz, DJ Cutterz are back to provide a well-oiled display of their singular sound.

Having started the year with the releases of both ‘Fizzy’ and ‘Know Broke’ from the aforementioned project, they supplied us only with a taste of what they had in store. Setting the scene, jumping from elegant keys and distorted audio to experimental electronica-infused sounds and live instrumentation, ‘Intro’ comes as a perfect microcosm, introducing the wide-ranging project.

Jumping straight into the title track, ‘Sitting at the Table’ brings a nostalgic, lo-fi induced instrumental, whilst the MC’s take turns to spill their stories up until this point in their careers, so far. Moving into ‘In the Mood’, the group enlists fellow Manchester-based artist Layfullstop to open the track with her distinctive tone and her effortless ability in using her melodies to make the instrumental her own.

Slowing things down, ‘Fizzy’ opens with delicate keys bolstered by heavy, but carefully placed percussion whilst jazz-horn samples play in the background, adding to this atmospheric track. Continuing into the intriguing production of ‘Debonaire’, the bass-heavy track brings a range of left-field sounds into perfect cohesion. 

Introducing their second feature of the project, producer and MC Leaf Dog on the straight-up, no-frills production of ‘Fall Back’. The group switch up their flows, impressing with their ability to create a much more intricate-sounding instrumental, at the hands of their skilful delivery on the 90s-inspired, Hip-Hop track. Continuing with the features, inviting another local artist, singer/songwriter EVABEE with her silk-lined vocals on the experimentally-minded ‘My Medicine’.

Heading towards the end of the project and with their final collaboration alongside Jehst, ‘Abracadamting’, comes with its punchy, upbeat production holding low-key live instrumentation whilst the group hold melodic verses over the top. Moving into the penultimate track and latest release ‘Know Broke’, holding it’s laid-back, keys-intro which evolves slowly into something much bigger with trap-inspired, hi-hats and experimental-sounds aiding its percussion. 

Closing out the distinctive 10-tracks, ‘100’ approaches with it’s chilled, electro-soul take before being heightened with heavy-drums and soaring synths. This project comes as an introduction to some of the best talent in the UK with their unique blend of styles, singular songwriting and production and lyricism etching far beyond their years, if any artists are getting a seat at the table, it should be Voodoo Black.

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