Wack 100 Threatens to Beat Up 21 Savage During Argument Over 6ix9ine

Wack 100 wants smoke with 21 Savage following a heated argument over 6ix9ine.

During a Clubhouse chat on Thursday (Aug. 5), the Savage Mode rapper criticized Bluefaces manager for agreeing to speak with a rat like 6ix9ine on Akademiks Off the Record podcast earlier in the week.

I said you lame for agreeing with anything that n***a [6ix9ine] say, 21 said, according to Complex.

OK, so when you say, lame, cause yall lingo a little different, what you mean by Im lame, what you mean? Wack asked.

Like I dont agree with it, 21 replied. I just feel like a gangsta and a rat cant agree on nothing in life. I dont give a damn how right a n***a is.

So a gangsta and a rat should never communicate, right? Wack asked.

Not really cause of the industry that we in, I say, like, I wouldnt really say that, 21 said. I aint finna agree with what no n***a say about no other n***a like how you said that you agree with him that I was sposed to run up on him in the club. First of all, on my kids, I did not see that n***a in no club.

However, 21 Savage acknowledged that he spoke with 6ix9ine on the phone Wednesday night for at least 30 minutes. When Wack asked what they were discussing, 21 said, Asking him why he talking the way he talking.

We not finna do all this fake gangsta shit on Clubhouse, 21 shot back when he was called out by Wack for communicating with 6ix9ine.

Things then escalated as Wack threatened to kick 21s ass. 21, respectfully nephew, I know you and we always been solid and Ima keep it real, he said. Me and you both know if you was standing in front me right now, you wouldnt have that energy.

N***a, I will beat yo muthafu**in little ass, you little biddy ass boy! Wack told 21. Im not no rapper, n***a, I will f**k you up, n***a. I will beat your muthafu**in assIll come to Atlanta, you can come to L.A. We can get down wherever you want to get downI will beat yo ass! You gonna respect me, n***a and you gettin outta line. I will f**k you up, n***a!

Savage didnt seem fazed by the threats, telling Wack to say less, while 6ix9ine could be heard egging him on.

You dont gotta do all that, Im scared already, 21 joked.

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